How to Work on  ASIAGAP/JGAP Certification 

Difference between doing GAP and acquiring GAP

Doing GAP means that farmers implement GAP initiatives.

Acquiring GAP means that farmers have proven through a third-party audit that GAP is implemented properly (acquiring a certification).

Implementing GAP initiatives, that is, producing safe farm products while protecting the environment and ensuring the safety of the work environment through good agricultural practices — these should be done by all farmers.

On the other hand, GAP certification permits people to see that farm management is good. While it is not mandatory to acquire a GAP certification, we believe it is a good tool to help buyers judge the quality of your farm management.

There are two ways to work on ASIAGAP/JGAP.

(1)Learning about ASIAGAP/JGAP on your own

(2)Receiving guidance from a trainer