• About Japan GAP Foundation

Mission & Visions

Our mission

Contribute to society widely by realizing safe, secure, sustainable agriculture through activities as the owner of the ASIAGAP/JGAP certification program.

Our vision

  • Carry out fair, sound activities complying with laws, regulations, and social norms.
  • Popularize and raise awareness of GAP to realize an ideal state of agriculture, the foundation for maintaining and developing a sound society.
  • Work with related organizations in Japan and other countries as a GAP platform, to carry out activities which are beneficial for all institutions.

Message from the President

My name is Hiroshi OGINO. I am the president of the Japan GAP Foundation (JGF).

Thank you very much for visiting the official JGF website.

At JGF, our mission is to contribute widely to society by committing ourselves to realizing sustainable agriculture through management, development, and the operation of two certification programs, ASIAGAP and JGAP.

ASIAGAP and JGAP standards include requirements that farmers need to fulfill concerning not only farm operations for better production process management but also significant issues that should be more seriously addressed by humans than we had previously. Those issues are food safety, environmental protection, labor safety, human rights and welfare.

I want to express my respect and gratitude, once again, to farmers with high aspirations, who have already acquired, or are planning to acquire, the certification. I also extend my heartfelt gratitude to our stakeholders, including our members, for their support of the JGF.

To fulfill our mission, we at JGF carry out fair, sound activities observing laws, regulations, and social norms.

I appreciate your continued support.



Japan GAP Foundation


Japan GAP Foundation


Floor 4, Nippon Agricultural Research Institute Bldg.  3-29 Kioicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0094, Japan
Phone: +81-3-5215-1112 (Business hours: 9:00 to 18:00 on weekdays)
Fax: +81-3-5215-1113

Number of members

264(As of June 30, 2024)(JP)


List of Founders of the Japan GAP Foundation


1. Development of ASIAGAP/JGAP certification programs
2. Management and operation of ASIAGAP/JGAP
3. Spreading ASIAGAP/JGAP and carrying out PR activities


Technical Committee

The Technical Committee develops documents related to the management and operation of the ASIAGAP and JGAP certification programs. The chair and members of this committee are selected by the Board of Directors . At present, this committee consists of four subcommittees : Certification subcommittee, Agricultural products subcommittee, Livestock subcommittee, FSA subcommittee.




November 2006

Japan GAP Foundation is established as a specified nonprofit corporation.

November 2007

JGAP Third-party certification system is launched

October 2008

Basic policy and action targets of Japan GAP Foundation are formulated.

June 2010

 JGAP Fruits & Vegetables 2010 is issued.

July 2010

Operation of JGAP Certified Farm Logo Mark is started.

July 2013

English edition of JGAP standards is published.

July 2014

The 9th annual general meeting of Japan GAP Foundation as a specified nonprofit corporation passed resolutions to establish the Japan GAP Foundation as an incorporated foundation.

January 2015

Japan GAP Foundation is established as a general incorporated foundation, continuing the operation of the JGAP certification program.

May 2016

JGAP 2016, including Basic and Advanced versions, are issued.

March 2017

JGAP Livestock and Livestock Products, the first GAP for livestock, is issued.

July 2017

ASIAGAP is issued. Standards are reorganized into two sets of standards, ASIAGAP and JGAP.

October 2018

ASIAGAP (Fruits and Vegetable, Grains, and Tea) acquires GFSI Certification.

*GFSI is the Global Food Safety Initiative.

January 2022

ASIAGAP achieved benchmarking against the newest GFSI’s benchmarking requirements and continued to be GFSI-recognized scheme.

November 2022

JGAP 2022 (agricultural products and livestock) is issued for strengthening sustainability.


Official PR Materials

Brochures and posters of ASIAGAP/JGAP are available for members, certified farms, and trainers.

*These mterials are available only in Japanese. ( except for  Livestock pamphlet )