The latest update on ASIAGAP and JGAP figures is now available.

This is a report on figures related to the ASIAGAP and JGAP certification programs as of March 31, 2020.

The number of issued certifications increased 586 year on year (from 1,185 to 1,771), the greatest increase yet, with 2,000 certifications now in sight.

The number of certified farms increased by 2,011 (from 4,735 to 6,746).

We also offer detailed data, including the number of issued certifications by product (such as Fruits & Vegetables or Grains), comparisons between individual farm audit and certification and group audit and certification, and the number of issued certifications by prefecture.

Please click the link below.

Detailed issued certification information

The number of trainers has also been updated to reflect the number as of March 31, 2020. The total number of trainers for agricultural products and livestock products is 14,746. 

Please continue to watch the development of ASIAGAP and JGAP.